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BMAT.Ninja teaches you everything you need to know for the BMAT, takes you through over 6,000 timed practice questions, and gives you fully worked solutions every step of the way.

The BMAT will not be running in 2024

The BioMedical Admissions Test has been discontinued and will not be required by any UK medical schools in 2024. Instead, all medical schools in the UK will require applicants to sit the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) during the admissions process.

Want to get prepared for the UCAT? Visit UCAT.Ninja to discover over 15,000 practice questions, 80+ expert tutorials and 6 full mock exams, all within a realistic UCAT simulator.


How does BMAT.Ninja work?

The platform is split into three sections which are designed to help you rapidly progress with the BMAT exam.


Training Temple

60+ comprehensive tutorials that cover all you need to know about the BMAT in the Training Temple.


Practice Dojo

6,000+ high quality practice questions, all with fully worked solutions, to work on in the Practice Dojo.


Exam Arena

20+ BMAT Past Papers with worked solutions for you to practice under test conditions in the Exam Arena.

Learn how to smash each BMAT section.


Section 1

Expert tutorials & practice questions that cover all of the Critical Thinking and Problem Solving knowledge you need to score highly in Section 1.


Section 2

Learn vital strategies and tips for the scientific knowledge section with detailed tutorials, revision notes and thousands of practice questions.


Section 3

You'll learn the optimum strategy for writing and answering the BMAT essay section, with 20+ example essays (complete with full feedback) and optional essay marking!


Simulate the BMAT past papers in the Exam Arena.


Every past paper included.

All BMAT Past Papers and fully worked solutions for all questions are here. See what score you're getting and where you need to improve.


Timed exam runs.

Get valuable, timed practice on actual past papers and employ the time-saving techniques youve learnt in the Training Temple.


TSA & NSAA papers included.

Every Oxford TSA past paper (for BMAT Section 1) is included, along with NSAA papers (Section 2 sources). You won't run out of practice papers.


Revise with detailed BMAT revision notes in the Training Temple.


60+ Expert tutorials.

Every tutorial is written by a true BMAT Ninja, who scored in the top 10%. We're sharing their tips & tricks with you.


Track your progress.

We'll track where you're up to with your progress so you don't have to. Just focus on your preparation - we take care of the rest.


Concise explanations.

We dont use 10,000 words when 500 can do the job. You'll get in-depth information - without any of the fluff.


Utilise thousands of BMAT questions in the Practice Dojo.


6,000+ high-quality practice questions.

Apply the strategies and techniques you've learned in the Training Temple to thousands of super high-quality practice questions.


True-to-life exam questions.

We've been careful to make sure that the questions in the Dojo simulate the real difficulty of the exam. You won't be surprised on the day.


Fully worked solutions.

All of the questions in BMAT.Ninja come with fully explained solutions and show you what other students answered. We explain out solutions in the simple, effective terms.


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All you need to do is focus on your exam.

Training Temple


one-time payment

  • 60+ BMAT tutorials.

  • Advanced techniques.

  • Time-saving tips.

Practice Dojo


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  • 6,000+ practice questions.

  • 6,000+ worked solutions.

  • Practice all sections.

Exam Arena


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  • 50+ real papers.

  • Fully timed environment.

  • Accurate scoring.

Road To Enlightenment


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  • All the three upgrades.

  • Save your £££.

  • The best thing ever.

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