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BMAT Ninja makes preparing for the BMAT as painless as it can be.

Crafted with love by a team of Oxbridge medical students, the system teaches you everything you need to know for the BMAT, takes you through over 1,400 timed practice questions, and gives you fully worked solutions every step of the way.

All the material you need

The Training Temple is an online version of the 6med BMAT Crash Course. It has all the techniques for tackling Section 1, all the science and maths you need to know for Section 2, and a load of tips and tricks for maximising your mark in Section 3. We've also got 50+ example essays with feedback for you to take a look at.

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I don't know what I would've done without BMAT Ninja - I didn't take A-level Physics so the Physics notes truly saved my life. Thank you BMAT Ninja!
Zeeshan, Churchill College, Cambridge

1,400+ practice questions

Our Practice Dojo has 2096 (and counting) practice questions for Sections 1 & 2, all with full worked solutions and explanations. Our amazing practice interface is optimised for all devices, so you can practice anywhere - at home, on the bus, and even on the loo.

All the worked solutions for the questions in our system have been written by current medical students at Oxford and Cambridge.

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Timed exam runs

The Exam Arena has worked solutions to the 2003-2016 BMAT past papers, along with every TSA Oxford paper (a good source of BMAT Section 1 practice). You can do each exam paper using our timed system, or you can do the papers by hand and just check your answers and methods using our solutions. Either way, you get valuable, timed practice on actual past papers, and you can also see what the best ways of tackling the questions are.

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Free accounts get access to all the questions on the site, as well as a few other bits. You can purchase any or all of the 3 upgrades to get more out of BMAT Ninja.


1,400+ practice questions - you only pay for the solutions, should you want them.

Revision notes for some of the more difficult Section 2 topics - Physics (Electricity) & Chemistry (Calculations)

5 example Section 3 essays with feedback

Access to the Exam Arena, where you can do the 2009-2016 BMAT past papers using our online, timed interface

Training Temple £29

  • Section 1 - Tips and Techniques for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Section 2 - Revision Notes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths

  • Section 3 - Strategy guide & 50+ example essays with feedback

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Practice Dojo £29

  • Section 1 - 1057 questions with fully worked solutions

  • Section 2 - 1039 questions with fully worked solutions

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Exam Arena £29

  • Section 1 - Worked solutions to the 2003-2016 BMAT past papers

  • Section 2 - Worked solutions to the 2003-2016 BMAT past papers

  • TSA Oxford - Worked solutions to the 2008-2016 TSA past papers

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6med BMAT Crash Course Attendees

If you're registered to attend (or have already attended) the 6med BMAT Crash Course this year, you get free access to the premium Training Temple, which contains all the notes for Section 1, 2 and 3, and loads of practice essays with commentary. Just sign up for the free account, and then upgrade your account using the code we'll email you.


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Our Bursaries system operates on a "pay what you can" basis. If we approve your bursary application, you'll be able to visit the Account page and upgrade your account with any or all of the packages we offer. The amount you pay is entirely down to you - if you want, you can get all of the upgrades totally free of charge, and we're perfectly happy for you to do this. If however, you can afford to pay a few pounds and think the resources you're getting are worth it, then please pay what you can.

More information on how to apply is available in the Bursaries area of the website once you're logged in.